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Scholar Q & A

A series of thought-provoking and inspiring short interviews with our Wall Scholars and PWIAS community members.

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Carl Hart Wall Exchange Q&A Follow-Up

At our most recent Wall Exchange lecture, Carl Hart (Columbia University) drew upon his more than 25 years of experience as a neuropsychopharmacologist to explore the myths and social forces that shape our views on drugs and drug policy.  We followed up with Professor Hart, as well…

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Scholars offer recommendations for your summer reading list

By Katie Stannard As the school year wraps up, we asked scholars in residence and staff at the Peter Wall Institute to recommend books to read this summer. From a trilogy of thrillers, to Catalan literature, to thought-provoking non-fiction, the scholars offer a wide range of books to add to…

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Q&A with Ophélie Ronce

By Katie Stannard Organisms are already responding to our changing climate. Changes in the abundance and geographical distribution of many species have already been documented, and are predicted to intensify in the future, which may lead to extinction and contribute to the global biodiversity crisis. However, the scenarios forecasting biodiversity change in…

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Carl Hart’s radically different approach to drug policy

Upcoming Wall Exchange speaker on why drug policy should be informed by empirical evidence, not misconception.   By Jesse Donaldson Nearly 30 years ago, Columbia University neuropsychopharmacologist Dr. Carl Hart set out to find the mechanisms in the brain responsible for cocaine addiction. He couldn’t. “After 20 years of…

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What you eat may be endangered

By Katie Stannard It’s no secret that fish laundering happens frequently in the high sea, the open ocean that is not part of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) or internal waters of any state. But lack of traceability in the supply chain can occur at multiple stages. Corporations and individuals…

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In space, no one wants to clean up

2016 Wall Scholar Aaron Boley wants to tidy up Earth’s orbit – and our future in space depends on it By Malone Mullin   For Aaron Boley, a 2016 Wall Scholar and an Associate Professor at UBC’s department of physics and astronomy, fascination with the universe began with a curious glimpse through…

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