PRISMA Workshop: Interacting Across Difference

June 22, 2022

Wall Scholars Hanne De Jaegher and Rika Preiser collaborated on a workshop-experiment using the PRISMA research method to explore the experience of interacting across differences. The 2-day workshop took place at PWIAS on April 13 & 14, 2022.

Drs. De Jaegher and Preiser filmed (parts of) the process of the workshop and created a short video-document of the experience to share with others interested in this kind of collaborative and experiential work.

While striving for equity and justice and advocating for more diversity in our social and organizational settings, we rarely delve into the here-and-now experience of interacting across differences. 

PRISMA: Interacting Across Differences is an innovative, immersive experiment on the dynamics of interacting. In the workshop, participants will engage in short, familiar interactive activities, refract them into their experiential aspects, and gain awareness of interactive dynamics.

The PRISMA research method is an embodied, intersubjective approach to investigate the experience of interacting, based in embodied cognitive science and movement practices. Step by step, participants discover tendencies in the experience of interacting and gain insight into their own participation in interactive situations, while contributing to the science of experiential interaction dynamics. 

In live-interactions, participants investigate and analyze the multiple dimensions and positions of perception and experience of (intersubjective) interactions.

Participant Outcomes:

  • Gain greater awareness of experiential inter-active dynamics as they happen
  • Understand how interactive processes affect and change us
  • Analyze emergent interactive dynamics “from within”
  • Get to know the PRISMA methodology and discuss possibilities for applying it in their own research/practice

The Wall Scholars plan to co-write and publish a research study to present the results of the workshop at both the level of the particular, concrete, one-time processes of this workshop and the generalizable trends in the experience of interaction dynamics that arise.