Research beyond borders

July 26, 2016

It’s not every day that an American neuroscientist, a quantum physicist from Italy and a Canadian expert in drone warfare get to meet and share ideas.

The opportunity to investigate what can be gained from collaboration between disciplines and across borders– be it a fresh perspective or insight on new research approaches– is critical in a globalized world full of increasingly complex challenges.

Last spring, some of UBC’s most innovative scholars had the chance to do just this, meeting with international experts from across the globe who previously participated or are currently a part of in the University’s Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies International Research programs.

Speakers from the April 2014 International Research Colloquium included: (top L-R) Dr. Derek Gregory, Dr. Rana Nayar, Dr. Giancarlo Panaccione, (lower L-R) Dr. Alexandre Carter, Dr. Kitche Magak, and Dr. Christian Giaume.

Through topics as diverse as The (R)evolution of Quantum Materials and Arts Explorations in Kenya, international participants and UBC hosts took the opportunity to meet again and further collaborations, sharing a common goal of challenging the boundaries of their respective fields.

The April 2014 International Research Colloquium showcased the research by principal investigators of the Institute’s International Research Roundtables, along with International Visiting Research Scholars and their UBC hosts.

The following is a list of presentations and speakers who participated in the Colloquium.

Effects of Learning and Unlearning on Brain Connectivity
Dr. Alexandre Carter, University of Washington at St. Louis, USA

Targeting Glial Connexin Channels for Treatment of Neurological Disease
Dr. Christian Giaume, Collège de France

Drones and Spaces of Exception
Dr. Derek Gregory, Peter Wall Distinguished Professor, UBC

The (R)evolution of Quantum Materials
Dr. Giancarlo Panaccione, Istituto Officina dei Materiali (IOM), Trieste, Italy

Geographies of Belonging: Arts Explorations in Kenya
Dr. Kitche Magak, Maseno University, Kenya

Punjabi Theatre and the Komagata Maru: Colonial and Post-Colonial Encounters
Dr. Rana Nayar, Panjab University, India

The Peter Wall Institute’s International Research Roundtable program grants up to five awards each year for scholars from UBC, Canada and the international community to advance knowledge development in an interdisciplinary environment.

The International Visiting Research Scholar program allows the Institute to partner with UBC faculties, departments and research centres to attract outstanding scholars to work collaboratively with UBC faculty members on innovative research.