Systems Being Lab

March 22, 2023

Wall Scholar, Derek Gladwin and his collaborators have received PWIAS funding to develop the “Systems Being Lab” (SBL) — a collaborative collective meant to create and facilitate transdisciplinary approaches to the complexities of the climate and nature emergency (CNE).

By co-creating SBL outside of institutional hierarchies like departments or more traditional research groups, the aim is to examine and co-create the ideal conditions for deeper and more diverse epistemic and ontological questions around the nature of the world, including our knowledge of and interactive relationship with the world.

By fostering a non-linear dynamic of un/learning and functioning outside of simplistic problem-solving dichotomies, the Systems Being Lab will help create a new generation of complex “systems thinkers” who can contend with the CNE and respond to its paradoxical dynamics of complicity, complexity and co-constitution.

Derek Gladwin, Wall Scholar

With consciously curated web content, videos and podcasts, The Systems Being Lab will promote systems literacy while nurturing and stewarding a community of practice locally and globally.

The PWIAS Catalyst Program provides funding for collaborative projects that address the urgency, scale and complexity of the climate and biodiversity crises and movements for climate justice.