The Geotraces Arctic Expedition

July 26, 2016

Wall Scholar and UBC Professor in the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Philippe Tortell, along with 44 other scientists, set sail aboard the CCGS Amundsen on a summer-long research expedition to the Canadian Arctic.

The expedition is part of the GEOTRACES program, which aims to better understand the distribution of trace elements in the ocean.

In addition to conducting trace element studies, many of the participating scientists will conduct research in other fields as well. Together, they will be looking at elements like phytoplankton, climate-active gasses, and ocean acidification– trying to discover the unknown in the furthest reaches of the north.

Tortell and his research team, along with GEOTRACES colleagues, set sail on the CCGS Amundsen on July 10, 2015 from Québec City.

During the expedition, UBC graduate student, Tereza Jarníková, a member of Tortell’s research team, will be blogging from aboard the CCGS Amundsen in the Arctic, documenting their journey and research from the far reaches of the North.

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