In response to a request from an Interim Director nominee, PWIAS Board of Trustees shares two documents

March 18, 2019

In response to a request from one of the nominees for the Interim Director role at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, the Board of Trustees has decided to share two documents that were created in 2018.  The first is a draft strategic planning discussion document that had been prepared by the former Director.  The second is the Board of Trustees November 16th, 2018 response to that discussion document.  Related to these is a top-line summary of the approved and proposed budgets, which is included here as well.  As noted in previous communications, we have not made any major changes to the budget for this year. 

We recognize that these documents reflect a point in time – now past – and make them available for information only.  We are committed to an exciting future for the Institute, and  offer these documents in the interest of transparency and accountability rather than to suggest that either represents the path forward.   The Trustees look forward to continued engagement with the community, and thank you all once again for your interest in and enthusiasm for the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies.


PWIAS Board of Trustees