Joseph Dahmen: Keeping Stanley Park car free permanently

April 17, 2020

Joseph Dahmen, a 2016 Wall Scholar, wrote an op-ed published in the Vancouver Sun. Dahmen, who is an associate professor at the UBC Scholar of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, discusses the benefits of limiting traffic in Stanley Park even after the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.  Dahmen ways the benefits with the drawbacks of limiting vehicle traffic, outlining possible for solutions for accessibility issues. He also compares the potential closure to Central Park in New York City, which closed to vehicle traffic in 2018. 

Joe Dahmen is an expert on building technology whose research and design projects create a more sustainable future in architecture. His research provides pathways for emergent materials derived from regionally specific biological and geological processes to enter architectural practice. These materials offer new expressive capabilities to architects while positively affecting local ecosystems.