Lil’wat student goes to UBC to learn how to help revitalize Ucwalmícwts

December 13, 2019

2019 Wall Scholar Mark Turin was interviewed by CBC Indigenous for a story and video about Lexlixatkwa7 Nelson, a second year UBC student from the Lil’wat Nation currently enrolled in the First Nations and Endangered Languages Program, where she is learning to document and transcribe Ucwalmícwts.

Turin is also the recipient of a Wall Solutions Initiative grant aimed at mapping linguistic diversity in a globalizing World through open source digital tools. His community partner, the New York-based Endangered Language Alliance, is producing popular printed maps of the world’s most linguistically diverse city. And municipal leadership in New York are using this knowledge to shape public policy. This Wall Solutions project will transform these maps into generalizable, interactive digital tools that support community-based language mapping anywhere in the world.