Varela International Symposium (May 28-29) & Mind & Life Summer Research Institute (June 8-10)

May 25, 2022

2021 Wall Scholar Hanne De Jaegher (Philosophy, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU), and 2018 Wall Scholar Evan Thompson (Philosophy) will be speaking at the Varela International Symposium Laying Down a Path in Walking (Mind in Life) – Interdependence and Enaction on Saturday, May 28.

The 2022 Varela International Symposium will explore the potential outcomes and psychosocial impacts of shifting our extractive, reductionistic, mechanistic, predictive views to an enactive view that could be profoundly transformational at a personal as well as global level. Dr. De Jaegher will be presenting some of the philosophical work she’s been doing this year at PWIAS and illustrating, enriching it with a presentation of some preliminary results from her recent PRISMA workshop at PWIAS.

June 6 – 10: Mind & Life Summer Research Institute

She will be also be presenting and part of a panel of experts at the Mind & Life Summer Research Institute on Othering, Belonging, and Becoming June 6 – 10.

From its description: “A collaborative, interdisciplinary, and immersive opportunity for conversations around humanity’s response to the crisis of disconnection and othering — for researchers, contemplatives, changemakers, and anyone interested in this topic.”