Michelle Stack published in International Review of Education

March 30, 2021

2020 Wall Scholar, Prof. Michelle Stack has published an article in the International Review of Education, an outcome of her PWIAS-funded COVID-19 Working Group “COVID-19 Response: Building Higher Learning Resilience in the Face of Epidemics

“Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic: University rankings or co-operatives as a strategy for developing an equitable and resilient post-secondary education sector?” examines the implications of the incompatible aims of universities: performing well based on rankings while espousing commitments to equity and anti-oppressive practices, and proposes co-operatives as a strategy for developing a more equitable and resilient post-secondary education sector.

The assumption underpinning this proposal is that without structural changes to higher education, COVID-19 will amplify an already inequitable distribution of resources and lessen the ability of universities to play a responsible role in expanding public debate and increasing understanding of critical issues facing the planet. Co-operatives could be an effective way for the sector to engage with the need to radically alter how we interact with each other and the natural world, both now and beyond the pandemic.

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