Testimonials from UBC and visiting scholars

"There’s something magical about this place on the edge of the campus, overlooking a rose garden, ocean and mountains beyond. It’s a place of inspiration and incubation." 

Camilla Gibb
Peter Wall Author in Residence, November 2014
Award-winning Canadian Author

"We are flattered into thinking that we are all interdisciplinary and we all share the same sense of what interdisciplinarity is. But there is a risk in thinking we can automatically succeed in other disciplines without the background training- but there is also the opportunity for a true synergy. 

I've just started a co-authored project with another Wall Scholar that neither of us would have written on our own, that neither of us would have had enough expertise to write on our own. But together, I am convinced, we complement each other very well. It’s minor– it’s not earth shattering. But together it has just worked, and it is really exciting- it’s a synthesis."CW Marshall

C.W. Marshall
Wall Scholar 2013; 2014

"One of the things I took away from the Institute this year is the ability to really listen to people and carry around different ideas that seem juxtaposed and don’t necessarily mesh. A lot of the research impact for me will happen a number of years down the road, but having the ability to listen to people with patience and humility, and absorb stuff that seems really alien; to ask a lot of questions and keep getting at it... to live with the discomfort of not understanding things. And having these ideas that seem all wrong– I think that is an important skill, and that is what I will take away more than anything."
Philippe Tortell
Philippe Tortell
Wall Scholar 2014; 2015

"I have had the most wonderful year and my interactions at Peter Wall have been one of the absolute highlights. The number of fascinating- and I really mean fascinating- conversations has been an amazing experience. From hearing about French Theory from someone who knew Foucault, to hearing Brett talking about the links between gut bacteria and asthma, the dinner talking about extra-terrestrial life, to learning about the sex trade in the classical world.... I really feel like my mind has expanded. 

I have also moved a number of research agenda's forward with colleagues at IRES, LFS, Liu and the School of Journalism- so I take away a number of new friendships and having solidified a number of important relationships. So thank you, Peter Wall Institute, for this really delightful and enriching opportunity."
Evan Fraser

Evan Fraser
Peter Wall International Visiting Research Scholar
Canada Research Chair in Global Food Security, Guelph University

"The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies is a critical part of furthering intellectual exchange and innovation on the UBC campus.”

Alexia Bloch
International Visiting Research Scholar host


"The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies is a very special and excellent model for promoting inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary collaborations. This type of collaboration is commonly referenced, but the Peter Wall Institute has been the best place, in my personal opinion, for truly providing a great platform for fostering such an environment."

Chin-Yao Chen
Peter Wall International Visiting Research Scholar
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)

"Probably the most valuable outcome was the opportunity to work together and to discuss research problems face-to-face. This led to a number of insights, both in new directions for research but also in tackling existing problems."

Gavin Shaddick and Jim Zidek
International Visiting Research Scholar, University of Bath; and host, Professor, UBC Department of Statistics