Peter Brindley: COVID-19 fatigue and “masking” how we feel.

November 9, 2020

Wall Visiting Scholar, Peter Brindley, is also a physician on the front lines of critical care medicine. He shares his thoughts on the frustrations we’re all feeling about COVID-19 and how to get through the second wave.

Covid-19’s second wave is upon us, and it could easily turn into a tsunami. I want patients to know that healthcare professionals are still here for you. Use whatever maritime analogy you like, but we’ll baton down the hatches, we’ll grip the helm, and we’ll make it through to calmer seas. Just please excuse us if we take a moment to moan. You see we are already “weary”, “dog-tired”, and dare I say it “knackered.” My guess is you are too. People often ask what it’s like on the frontlines, so let me offer a little relatable candour and catharsis. During bedside rounds I have lost count of the number of stalwarts who admit they are “done with this (insert your expletive) virus”. Our frustrations are not unique, but they are likely heightened from longer periods of “masking” how we really feel…

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