Alain Berthoz

Professor Emeritus
Collège de France

Alain Berthoz is an Emeritus Professor at the Collège de France, former founder and director, now member, of the Perception and Action Lab, CNRS/Collège de France. He is an engineer (Ecole des Mines, Nancy), and an expert in biomechanics, psychology, and neurophysiology. Prof. Berthoz is the author of over 300 papers in international journals and of five books. He is a member of the French Academy of Sciences and the Academy of  Technologies, Academia Europae, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Belgium Royal Academy of  Medicine, Academy of Medicine of Bulgaria, and the International Academy of Astronautics.

Primary Recipient Awards

French Scholars Lecture Series, Alain Berthoz, 2018

Alain Berthoz
Lawrence Ward

Distinguished Visiting Professor, Alain Berthoz, 2009

Alain Berthoz

During his month-long stay in September, Professor Berthoz pursued a scholarly agenda and participated in Institute programs and events. Among other events, Professor Berthoz gave a Faculty Associates Forum talk, two public talks and participated in many research discussions, including with the Wall Major Thematic Grant on Sensorimotor Computation.

He co-organised with Dinesh Pei, Principal Investigator of the Wall Major Thematic Grant on Sensorimotor Computation, a two-day workshop held at the Collège de France in May 2010: The Control of Gaze.