Amanda D. Rodewald

Director of Conservation Science, Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Dept. of Natural Resources, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Amanda Rodewald’s research program seeks to understand the behavioral and demographic mechanisms guiding population, community, and landscape-scale responses of birds to land use change and human activity in the eastern US and Latin America. She tightly integrates her research and outreach efforts to inform policy and management, and as such, regularly interacts with government agencies, conservation organizations, and private landowners. Among her national leadership activities she serves on the Science Advisory Board of US EPA.

Primary Recipient Awards

International Visiting Research Scholars, Amanda D. Rodewald, 2016

Amanda D. Rodewald
Peter Arcese

Co-principal Investigator Awards

Virtual Roundtables, Janis Sarra, 2021

Janis Sarra
Time for Hope: Developing Innovative Ideas for a Net Zero Carbon Economy in the Post-Pandemic Period

Past efforts to address climate change have been sluggish, but global responses to the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrate capacity to quickly transform social, environmental, and financial structures around the world. We have witnessed the benefits of government cooperation, business adaptation, and individual action. As the pandemic slows and basic human needs are met, attention will shift to economic recovery. If recovery fails to align with Canada and the world’s commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, we likely will face devastating socioeconomic impacts from climate change. Yet there is opportunity to bring climate into the dialogue and ensure that investments support rather than erode our ability to address climate change. This virtual international research roundtable (e-IRR) will develop ideas for governance, decarbonization, and protection of ecosystems going forward. It includes original works of performative and visual art to inspire innovative thinking. We will develop policy recommendations to send to governments and business organizations.

Time for Hope - Webinar Series recorded on September 16 - 18, 2020
Time for Hope - Virtual Choir performance, directed by Dr. Helen Eastman, original music by Alex Silverman

International Research Roundtables, Peter Arcese, 2018

Peter Arcese

Promise and Peril: Design and Application of Conservation Finance Models to Biodiversity Conservation, Human Well-being and Sustainability

This roundtable will explore current initiatives and strategies needed to successfully scale-up conservation finance. A comprehensive understanding of barriers and benefits to private sector conservation finance requires engaging researchers from multiple disciplines, jurisdictions and perspectives.  Despite much evidence that private investment has the potential to transform biodiversity conservation and support sustainable livelihoods, many aspects of this emerging field remain poorly understood. This roundtable will engage thought-leaders in ecology, finance, policy, law, and social sciences to identify knowledge gaps, overcome existing hurdles and potential pitfalls. For example, it remains unclear how the outcomes of conservation projects should be articulated; i.e., at what point is re-claimed land 'restored'? A lack of a common framework for monitoring and evaluating such projects points out a critical need to ensure accountability and transparency. It is also unclear at what scale projects must be implemented to deliver sustainable environmental, social and financial outcomes. Likewise, how can accountability frameworks assure investors that projects avoid negative outcomes or externalities sometimes associated with protectionist approaches to land conservation, such as by creating parks that dispossess Indigenous people of land or natural capital. Strategies to minimize costs and overcome hurdles linked to transaction size, market volatility, and risk mitigation are also needed to scale up conservation investment.
Update: November 30, 2020
ESA Report (Ecological Society of America)
"innovative Finance for Conservation: Roles for Ecologists and Practitioners"


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