Amin Ghaziani

Associate Professor
Department of Sociology

Dr. Ghaziani was promoted to Associate Professor in July 2014.  He has devoted his career to the interdisciplinary study of sexuality. His articles and books consider topics that range from measurement to mobilization and the metropolis. Despite this diversity, however, there are common questions that motivate his thinking: How can we characterize the social organization of sexuality? And how do these relational arrangements change over time, across political contexts and in different urban settings?

To find answers, he enters theoretical conversations in the subfields of culture, social movements, and urbanism from within his home discipline of sociology. He then links those disciplinary-specific ideas with insights from anthropology (e.g., Gayle Rubin on sexual inequality), biology (e.g., Simon LeVay on whether homosexuality born or bred), gender studies (e.g., Judith Butler on performativity), and urban studies (e.g., European scholar Gil Valentine on geography and sexual identity), among other fields.

Primary Recipient Awards

Wall Scholars, Amin Ghaziani, 2014

Amin Ghaziani
Wall Scholars

During his time in residence, Dr. Ghaziani hopes to enhance the status of sexuality as a central node for intellectual inquiry and exchange at the Peter Wall Institute. "Sexuality" is a word that we use all the time, of course, but our ubiquity of usage does not signal unanimity over what we think it means. Many of us still regard it as a personal and private matter. We see sexuality as a natural, timeless biological force, and an intimate, irreducibly individual set of feelings and desires that pertain to our libidos, moralities, subjectivities, erotic interests, and bodily pleasures. Yet sexuality is also profoundly public.

Dr. Ghaziani plans to complete a contracted book manuscript that showcases some of the ways in which sexuality is a social artifact: it is the site of ongoing conflict and contest, a crucible where our psychological states are transformed into collective expressions, and a mode of stratification that scholars often overlook, given our preoccupation with race, gender, and economic class.

Early Career Scholars, Amin Ghaziani, 2012

Amin Ghaziani

Co-principal Investigator Awards

International Visiting Research Scholars, James Joseph Dean, 2016

James Joseph Dean
Amin Ghaziani