Angela Bonifati

Professor, Université Lyon 1
PhD, Politecnico di Milano

Angela Bonifati is a professor of Computer Science at Lyon 1 University and has been affiliated with the CNRS Liris research lab since 2015.  She is a specialist of advanced database applications such as data integration and exchange, web and graph databases, and query refinement on both structured and semi-structured data models.  Bonifati has been a visiting scholar at Stanford University, the University of British Columbia, Saarland University, and most recently the University of Waterloo (2019).

Bonifati’s current research interests are on the interplay of relational and graph-oriented data paradigms, particularly on data integration, Big data curation for life-science, query processing, and learning for structure and unstructured data models. She is Principal Investigator of the ANR research project QualiHealth: Enhancing the Quality of Healthcare Data (2018-2023) on Big data curation in the healthcare domain, which will be the topic of her invited lecture.

Primary Recipient Awards

French Scholars Lecture Series, Angela Bonifati, 2020

Angela Bonifati
Raymond Ng