Annalee Yassi

MD, McMaster University
School of Population and Public Health

Dr. Annalee Yassi is a Professor in the School of Population and Public Health at UBC and holds a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Global Health and Capacity Building. She is a Specialist in both Community Medicine (Public Health and Preventive Medicine) as well as Occupational Medicine. Dr. Yassi’s research focuses on collaborative roles in occupational health and infection control in the healthcare workplace, issues and methods in community-based health research, transdisciplinarity and North-South partnerships. She is  interested in ethics in global health research, the link between clinical care and the social and environmental determinants of health, an ecosystem approach to health, and the use of arts-based methods in health intervention research.

Co-principal Investigator Awards

International Visiting Research Scholars, Jaime Breilh, 2012

Jaime Breilh
Annalee Yassi