Anne Condon

PhD, University of Washington
Department of Computer Science

Dr. Condon is a leader in the theoretical computer science and computational biology communities. Among her research awards are the ACM Distinguished Dissertation Award (1988), National Science Foundation National Young Investigator Award (1992), Distinguished Alumna Award from University College Cork, Ireland (2001), and one of the five Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering (2004). The latter reflects Dr. Condon’s remarkable influence on women in computer science by inspiring and mentoring them individually and leading projects to improve the number of women entering the field.

For the past decade, Dr. Condon has specialized in interdisciplinary research in the areas of bio-molecular computation and, more recently, RNA (Ribonucleic acid) structure prediction. She publishes in top forums of theoretical computer science, bio-molecular computation, computational biology, and molecular biology, including Nature, Journal of Molecular Biology, and Nucleic Acids Research.

Primary Recipient Awards

Distinguished Scholars in Residence, Anne Condon, 2006

Anne Condon

At the Institute, Dr. Condon worked toward writing a new introductory computer science textbook based on a course she created at UBC that is cross-listed in Computer Science and Women’s Studies. She also organized a Distinguished Scholar in Residence Lecture Series, Computational Approaches to Understanding and Predicting the Structure of RNA Molecules, and Their Roles in Living Cells.