Boris Sobolev

Associate Professor
PhD, Academy of Sciences, USSR
Department of Health Care and Epidemiology

Primary Recipient Awards

Early Career Scholars, Boris Sobolev, 2004

Boris Sobolev

Exploratory Workshops, Boris Sobolev, 2004

Boris Sobolev

This workshop was held Aug 31 - Sep 4, 2005.

Now more than ever before, the Canadian health system is under intense pressure for improvement. There is an increasing need for new approaches to planning health care delivery. One innovation is the use of computer simulation to model patient flow through the health system in order to assess the impact of organizational changes before they are implemented. Investigator-driven initiatives to develop computer simulations are being undertaken by operations researchers, computer scientists, health services researchers and health managers. However, there is a lack of genuine interdisciplinary efforts to develop, validate and translate it to current practice of health care management.

This workshop will gather together Canadian and international experts in operations and health services research and computer sciences to address two major issues:

  1. What are the current operations research methods to modeling patient flow?
  2. What are the current health services research questions that require simulations modeling?