Carmel Mevorach

PhD, University of Birmingham
University of Birmingham

Dr. Carmel Mevorach is a cognitive neuroscientist focusing on mechanisms of top-down attention control, which lie at the heart of various cognitive functions. His research also aims to unravel how individual factors (such as autistic traits or normal aging) mediate mechanisms of attention, including on the neural level. Dr. Mevorach completed his undergraduate degree in psychology and computer sciences at Tel Aviv University, Israel. He later moved on to develop a new computerised assessment and training batteries for children and adults with ADHD (together with Professor Tsal and Professor Shalev) following which he arrived at Birmingham to study for a Ph.D. with Professor Glyn Humphreys looking at mechanisms of salience-based selection. He then took a couple of post-doc positions (ESRC, MRC) before taking up a lectureship position in 2010.

Primary Recipient Awards

International Visiting Research Scholars, Carmel Mevorach, 2017

Carmel Mevorach

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Sep 182017
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