Douglas Scott

PhD, University of Cambridge
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Co-principal Investigator Awards

French Scholars Lecture Series, François Bouchet, 2018

François Bouchet
Douglas Scott

International Research Roundtables, Harvey Richer, 2013

Harvey Richer
Douglas Scott

Time and Life in the Universe
Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Harvey Richer, Department of Physics and Astronomy, UBC; Dr. Douglas Scott, Department of Physics and Astronomy, UBC.

The Peter Wall Institute Roundtable initiative gives us the opportunity to plan something quite unique within astrophysics. We are organizing two separate, but overlapping events, focussed on the themes of “Time” and “Life.” Our main objective is to explore the evolution of the Universe and how it came to establish the conditions appropriate to harbour life. We will do this with a group of around 30 researchers, from different areas which overlap with the main themes.