J. Mark FitzGerald

Faculty of Medicine

Primary Recipient Awards

International Research Roundtables, J. Mark FitzGerald, 2013

J. Mark FitzGerald

Creating a Knowledge Hub in Health Literacy and Chronic Disease Management
Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Mark FitzGerald, Institute for Heart and Lung Health, Faculty of Medicine, UBC.

The objectives of this International Roundtable Discussion are:

  1. To receive expert input on the definition of health literacy, including the identification of its domains and key indicators, in order to help clarify best directions for measuring health literacy;
  2. To receive expert advice on the role of health literacy in relation to chronic disease prevention and management, to ensure that chronic disease is fully accounted for in the development of measurement tools;
  3. To facilitate discussion among participants (researchers, clinicians, community key-informants, national, and international members) on how best to bridge health literacy research and practice in relation to chronic disease prevention and management.