Jon Beasley-Murray

Assistant Professor
PhD, Duke University, United States
Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies

Jon Beasley-Murray is Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada). He is the author of Posthegemony: Political Theory and Latin America (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2010). He has published extensively on social and political theory, as well as on Latin American literature, culture, and history.

Primary Recipient Awards

Exploratory Workshops, Jon Beasley-Murray, 2006

Jon Beasley-Murray

The workshop took place May 25 - 27, 2007.

Left-leaning Latin American parties and movements have enjoyed a series of successes in the past few years. The election of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, Luis Ignacio “Lula” da Silva in Brazil, Néstor Kirchner in Argentina, and Tabaré Vásquez’s Uruguay victory all suggested a trend. Most recently, Evo Morales was elected president of Bolivia, while Socialist Michelle Bachelet won in Chile.

These successes have driven speculation about a “left turn” or “pink tide” moving Latin America away from neoliberal economics and US influence, toward alternative models of democracy and development and a new desire for cultural and political experimentation. But the idea of a unitary trend misses the diversity of movements and parties in the region. It also begs the question: how are left-wing governments different? How much turns on the Left?

Early Career Scholars, Jon Beasley-Murray, 2006

Jon Beasley-Murray