Kurt Huebner

PhD, Free University of Berlin
Institute for European Studies

Kurt Huebner is professor of European Studies and the Jean Monnet Chair at the Institute for European Studies at UBC. Central to Prof. Huebner’s research are topics of global and European currency regimes, international regimes of foreign direct investment, and the relations between innovation and sustainability. His latest research focuses in a comparative way on national pathways to low carbon-emission economies where he is heading a international research group with scholars from Italy, Norway, Canada and Germany. Currently he is working on a project on currency competition and currency co-operation, which analyses the relations between the U.S. Dollar, the Euro and the Chinese renminbi in the process of a multipolarization of the global economy.

Over the years his work concentrated on money and currency regimes, politics and economics of European integration as well as on contradictions and complementarities of sustainability and international competitiveness. He has authored and edited 15 books and a substantial number of articles and book chapters. He is actively involved in a number of national and international research networks and currently holds grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the European Commission and the Hans Boeckler Foundation. In 2008 he received the best paper award in EU Governance from ECSA-Canada

Primary Recipient Awards

International Research Roundtables, Kurt Huebner, 2018

Kurt Huebner
Sima Godfrey

The Role of Cultural Institutions in an Age of Populism

This Roundtable will explore the ethical role that museums and other cultural institutions must play in modern society, particularly at a time of risky nationalisms. The meeting was inspired by the work of the late Martin Roth, former Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, who would have been the PWIAS Distinguished Visiting Professor in the fall of 2017. Drawing on Prof. Roth’s significant contributions to the global cultural landscape, Drs. Kurt Huebner and Sima Godfrey will convene a broad range of participants to continue these conversations—exploring exciting approaches to bridge past and future, new ways to think about culture and politics, and the urgency of taking a stand on the role of culture in the current political climate. Political democracies and liberal values have come under pressure in the last few years; as a matter of fact, the rule of law as well as the degree of social and political freedom has declined on the global scale. This decline takes various forms, reflecting specific national circumstances. The roundtable will delve into the role of cultural institutions in times of rising populism and nationalism.

Co-principal Investigator Awards

French Scholars Lecture Series, Bruno Amable, 2017

Bruno Amable
Kurt Huebner