Lori Daniels

Associate Professor
PhD, University of Colorado Boulder
Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences

Dr. Daniel’s research investigates the impacts of natural and anthropogenic disturbance and climate variation on temperate forest dynamics using a combination of permanent research plots and historical reconstructions based on tree rings.

Dr. Daniel’s research program has four major themes:

  1. Successional processes, natural disturbance and ecosystem management of coastal temperate rainforests of British Columbia,
  2. Historic fire regimes, fire-vegetation-climate interactions in montane forests of the Canadian Cordillera,
  3. Temporal dynamics and function of coarse woody debris in terrestrial and riparian forests, and
  4. Mechanisms of change and influence of climate variation on altitudinal treelines.

Primary Recipient Awards

Wall Solutions, Lori Daniels, 2017

Lori Daniels
Shannon Hagerman
Wall Solutions

Wildfire 2017: Community-Based Solutions to a Wicked Problem

Principal Investigator: Dr. Lori Daniels, Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences, UBC
Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Shannon Hagerman, Forest Resource Management, UBC

Partner Organizations: Danyta Welch, Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM); Jeff Eustache, First Nations Emergency Service Society (FNESS); Jennifer Gunter, BC Community Forest Association

The wildfire season of 2017 is the worst in British Columbia’s (B.C.) history. In response to Firestorm 2003, the previous devastating wildfire season to affect communities, the B.C. government introduced the $78 million Strategic Wildfire Prevention Initiative to counter fire risk. As of 2015, only half of B.C.’s communities had engaged with this initiative and a mere 10% of the 1.6 million hectares of identified hazardous fuels had been treated ‒ most communities remain highly vulnerable to wildfire. We are collaborating with the two key groups facilitating B.C.’s Wildfire Prevention Initiative (Union of B.C. Municipalities and First Nations’ Emergency Services Society), as well as the group conducting many community-level fuel treatments (B.C. Community Forest Association). Our objectives are to: a) identify the barriers to community participation in wildfire prevention and b) to co-develop with project partners, provincial leaders and community members potential solutions to increase participation in preventative wildfire management throughout B.C.

Co-principal Investigator Awards

International Visiting Research Scholars, David Bowman, 2015

David Bowman
Lori Daniels