Ophélie Ronce

PhD, University of Montpellier
CNRS research director
University of Montpellier

Dr. Ronce is interested in the interactions between evolutionary and demographic dynamics. These interactions are central to different research questions related to: the evolution of aging, the evolution of dispersal, local adaptation, ecological niches and species range. She studies how spatial structure, disturbances and transient dynamics far from equilibrium affect adaptation of species to changing environments. Most of her research is devoted to theoretical developments, but she is also involved in experimental projects studying adaptation of plants to soil pollution, adaptation of forest trees to changing climates, adaptation of phytophagous spider mites to new host plants, and of bacteria to antibiotic stress.

Dr. Ophelie Ronce is the incoming president of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology for 2019-2021.  Her presidential address at the recent ESEB meeting in Finland is available at this link.

Primary Recipient Awards

International Visiting Research Scholars, Ophélie Ronce, 2018

Ophélie Ronce


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