Patrice L. (Tamar) Weiss

Department of Occupational Therapy, University of Haifa, Israel

Research in the Laboratory for Innovations in Rehabilitation Technologyfocuses on a number of complementary topics:

  • Novel computer access interfaces that will enable individuals with severe physical disabilities to use their residual motor abilities in more efficient and less fatiguing ways.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) as a training and treatment tool for the rehabilitation of individuals with severe physical disabilities.
  • Use of speech and non-speech audio to convey information normally displayed visually on a computer screen.
  • Videoconferencing for hospitalized children and the effects of telerobotics and telepresence.
  • The Internet and online learning for teaching health care professionals at the university and continuing education.
  • Quantitative computerized evaluation of normal and dysgraphic handwriting.

Primary Recipient Awards

International Visiting Research Scholars, Patrice L. (Tamar) Weiss, 2015

Patrice L. (Tamar) Weiss
Tal Jarus