Peter Klein

MS, Columbia University
School of Journalism

Peter Klein is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, and serves as associate professor and director of the UBC School of Journalism. He is also the founding director of the Global Reporting Centre at UBC, a new non-profit organization dedicated to researching and producing global journalism. At the School of Journalism, Professor Klein leads graduate students on international reporting projects, which have partnered with major media and have won a long list of major journalism awards. He is a regular contributor to The New York Times’ Retro Report series and a long-time producer at CBS News 60 Minutes.

Primary Recipient Awards

Virtual Roundtables, Peter Klein, 2021

Peter Klein
Beyond Broken Chains: Global Inequities in Medical Supply Chains

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has demonstrated the inability of global supply chains to meet a surge in demand for vital medical equipment, limiting the effectiveness of containment efforts, and increasing morbidity and mortality. The UBC Global Reporting Centre's Broken Chains project is critically investigating how the outsourcing and consolidation of healthcare manufacturing, just-in-time delivery, and a lack of preparation by governments, made medical supply chains incapable of meeting the demands of a pandemic.  Our research has revealed that medical supply chain breakdowns are exacerbating inequities between the global North-South divide. This virtual roundtable will interrogate how the global inequity of our medical supply chain model has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, employing South Africa as an illustrative case study. There is growing evidence that South Africa cannot outbid developed countries for scarce medical supplies. The country's unanticipated inability to procure medical supplies during a global pandemic undermined the effectiveness of emergency planning that surpassed most developed countries.

Wall Solutions, Peter Klein, 2016

Peter Klein
Wall Solutions
Turning Points: An Empowerment Connection Project for Indigenous People with Alcohol Dependence

Principal Investigator: Prof. Peter Klein, School of Journalism, UBC

Partners: Mr. W. Greenland, A New Day Men’s Healing Program; Tree of Peace Friendship Centre

Turning Points is a crowd-sourced digital portal for individuals coping with alcohol dependence. Through a mobile and desktop platform, people from Indigenous communities across the Canadian Arctic can connect, share their experiences, and tap into storytelling traditions that have been used to connect and heal people for centuries. Ultimately, Indigenous Peoples in remote communities across the Arctic, who have been disenfranchised and without adequate resources to address alcohol dependence, will now have voices and access to a shared community that they can turn to for support when facing challenges, for encouragement towards positive change, and for reassurance that they are not alone in their experiences. The project is led by UBC faculty Prof. Peter Klein and Dr. John Oliffe in collaboration with William Greenland, an Indigenous counsellor from the Gwich’in First Nation.

November 2020
The Turning Points documentary series launched on November 14, 2020 as a segment on PBS Newshour.

Wall Scholars Program, Peter Klein, 2015

Peter Klein

As a Peter Wall Scholar, Professor Klein will be researching best practices for improving global reporting methodologies, and will be working on creating a collaborative environment for teaching global reporting across universities around the world.

Co-principal Investigator Awards

International Visiting Research Scholars, Jennifer Clapp, 2019

Jennifer Clapp

French Scholars Lecture Series, Julia Cagé, 2019

Julia Cagé

International Visiting Research Scholars, Ann Jones, 2017

Ann Jones


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