Distinguished Visiting Professor

Update: November 30, 2018
The Institute is currently NOT accepting nominations for Distinguished Visiting Professor.  Please consider applying to the International Visiting Research Scholar program, deadline March 1.

In the Distinguished Visiting Professor (DVP) program, an exceptional senior scholar with a reputation for interdisciplinary engagement is invited to spend one academic term (4 months), in full-time residence at the Institute. It is expected that this outstanding international scholar will pursue a specific scholarly agenda, participate in Wall Scholar and Institute activities, and organize a specific activity, such as a workshop, artistic performance, or speaker series, thereby contributing to the intellectual life of the Institute and its affiliated scholars. These distinguished visitors will also have an opportunity to engage large public audiences in discussions of important ideas. The DVP award is open to scholars from any country. The awardee will receive $50,000 CAD in undesignated research funds, which may be used for travel, accommodation and other expenses.

All nominations must be supported by at least two UBC faculty members from different departments. Award funds will be administered by the UBC host department. Please contact the Director if you wish to discuss a potential nomination.

Research Excellence

  • Top-tier international standing and contribution of the nominee to her/his field of research, as assessed by scholarly contributions and major recognitions
  • Demonstrated capacity to shape the direction of research and thought

Interdisciplinary Perspective

  • Importance of the nominee’s work beyond domain-specific impact, as judged by the breadth of her/his scholarship across multiple disciplines
  • Track record of engagement across disciplines and sectors beyond academia

Broad Public Engagement

  • Demonstrated ability to engage broad public audiences in discussion of big ideas

Quality of Proposed Research and Potential for Catalysis

  • Quality of proposal for research and other activities while in residence at the Institute
  • Ability for the proposed research to catalyze significant and wide-ranging scholarly discussions and transformative intellectual engagement

Please note that UBC faculty members should contact individual nominees to discuss their interest in being nominated as a Peter Wall Distinguished Visiting Professor. Nominators must make it clear that these initial expressions of interest do not constitute a guarantee that an offer will be made.

  • The Distinguished Visiting Professor award is open to scholars from all countries.
  • Nominees must be willing to commit to a four month minimum full-time residence at the Institute.
  • Nominations must supported by at least two UBC faculty members from different departments.
  • Each nomination will include: a statement of interest and description of proposed research activities; a summary of significant scholarly contributions and international awards and distinctions; a description of how the scholar proposes to engage with the PWIAS and broader UBC community; a proposed title / subject area for a Wall Exchange lecture and/or other major public event; and the nominee’s curriculum vitae (maximum five pages).
  • Nominations should include a completed and signed copy of the UBC Research Project Information Form.


  • Award funds must be used for visits of at least 4 months.
  • Award funds may be used for research support, travel, accommodation, or paid as a salary stipend.
  • Funds will be awarded to one of the UBC faculty nominators, and administered by the designated host department.
  • The Distinguished Visiting Professor will have a private office at the Peter Wall Institute, and will be expected to use this as their primary work space at UBC.
  • The Distinguished Visiting Professor will be expected to actively participate in the Institute’s Wall Scholars program during their residency, including attendance at weekly lunches, and regular afternoon receptions and dinners. The Visiting Professors should also be strong candidates to present the Wall Exchange lecture and/or other major public event.


Applications may be submitted at anytime. We are currently accepting nominations for visits beginning in September 2019 (i.e. 2019-2020 academic year) or later.

Nomination Package

  1. Nomination form
  2. Curriculum Vitae for Nominee (short CV form – maximum five pages)
  3. Completed UBC Research Project Information Form (RPIF)

Please submit your nomination package to:
Program Manager
Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies