Exploratory Workshops

This program has been discontinued. Similar awards are now given through the International Research Roundtable program.


Through Exploratory Workshops the Institute brings together researchers from a wide range of disciplines at UBC and invites them, along with distinguished experts from outside the University from geographically diverse areas, to jointly assess basic research and research possibilities with major potential impact. Interdisciplinary discussion and exchange are encouraged. Workshops must be specifically created for the competition. A goal of each workshop is, where possible, to further develop that research into the basis of a book, special journal issue, or an application for major research funding, such as the Institute’s Major Thematic Grant, for which holding an Exploratory Workshop is essential.


The Exploratory Workshop Grant program was introduced in 1996.


Typically, the workshop entails a meeting of 25 to 35 scholars over the course of several days at the Peter Wall Institute, with external participants staying at the Institute's residence rooms or other residential facilities on campus. Advance planning ensures that a committed core group of UBC researchers will actively participate along with invited external scholars. Graduate student and post-doctoral fellowship participation is encouraged. Some aspects of the workshop, such as a keynote address or distinguished panel, must be open to the public.


Exploratory Workshop applications should present clearly defined research questions and demonstrate the uniqueness or innovativeness and interdisciplinarity of the proposed topic. A broad-based set of outstanding experts with international perspective should be suggested as participants. The workshop format should foster interaction, the exchange of ideas, and promote discussion. There should be at least one clear public session/talk and at least one closed working session.