Wall Solutions

Update: A possible deferment or cancellation of the 2020 Wall Solutions program call is currently under consideration. Updates on this program will be posted soon.

The Institute is now accepting applications for Wall Solutions Initiatives.
Deadline: Friday, May 1st

The Wall Solutions Initiative provides opportunities for University of British Columbia researchers, community organizations and partners to work collaboratively towards solutions. The fundamental aim of the Wall Solutions Initiative is to harness high-level research to the practical needs of local, national or international community partners; in some cases this may require additional research or even open up new research questions, but the emphasis is on finding creative solutions to our most pressing and complicated problems. The Institute welcomes projects with a transformative vision. Some examples of issues being addressed include, impacts of climate change, socio-economic inequality, health care delivery, food and water security, cleaner energy options, challenges in rural communities, etc.

Wall Solutions projects will focus on achievement of 'solutions', and may include activities beyond the scope of traditional research funding. Where a feasible solution already exists, the project should propose new approaches to overcome remaining issues that are preventing the implementation or adoption of the solution through practice or policy.  Projects are expected to demonstrate active participation and engagement with appropriate end-user and/or community partner(s).


Principal investigators must be full-time UBC faculty at the Professorial Rank in grant/tenure track positions (i.e. Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor). Clinical Professors are also eligible. Other faculty levels who may be independent researchers, adjunct professors, or instructors are not eligible as principal applicants but may be co-investigators. 

Topics addressed may impact communities locally or internationally. Collaborations with international organizations and community partners are eligible for support.

  • Active participation from co-applicant community partner(s)
  • Tangible benefits to community
  • Specific goals achievable within 2-year time frame
  • Emphasis on implementation and translation of research to practice and policy


a) Funding of Awards

Awards will be funded by the Wall Solutions Initiative, following the recommendations of the Wall Solutions review committee. The Principal Investigator is responsible for the conduct of the research project, compliance with UBC research policies, and submission of progress and financial reports to the Program Manager. The Office of Research Services will assure compliance with UBC policies, and will be responsible for all administrative matters involved in the funding of Awards.

b) Reporting and Review of Progress

If applicable, renewal will require satisfactory progress and achievement of planned milestones. A written Progress Report must be submitted semi-annually (i.e. 6-month Interim and 12-month Annual Progress Report) to the Program Manager.

A completed Expenditure Report form must be submitted with the Annual progress report. Reporting templates for both Progress and Expenditure Reports will be provided.

c)  Change in Direction of Work

The Program encourages innovation and flexibility, but any substantive change in the direction of work must be justified and reviewed in advance with the Program Manager.

d)  Acknowledgment and Publication

Publications should acknowledge support from the Wall Solutions Initiative. Costs related to publication should be paid from the Award.

e)  Intellectual Property

All relevant disclosures, publications and publicity regarding the work should acknowledge support from the Wall Solutions Initiative. Award recipients should contact UBC’s University Industry Liaison Office (UILO) for guidance on protection of patentable or copyrightable intellectual property, where appropriate.

The Wall Solutions Initiative supports innovative research projects aimed towards practical solutions to societal problems. In situations where a large part of the research has been completed, the project challenge may be to develop innovative ways to overcome issues of implementation or adoption into practice. Proposals must demonstrate active participation with a proposed community or end-user partner to achieve its objectives. Local, national or international community partners are eligible co-applicants.

Wall Solutions projects will be funded at a maximum of $50,000 for one year for direct research costs. Two-year projects are eligible but funds are awarded annually.  Renewal is dependent on progress achieved. Total project budgets over $50,000 per year are acceptable if you are including funding from other sources or partner contributions.


UBC Point Grey and UBC Okanagan award recipients/principal investigators must assure compliance with institutional guidelines for conduct of research involving human subjects or animal studies,and diligent oversight of the award funds.

Approval by the relevant UBC Research Ethics Board must be received by the Research Services office prior to Award activation, for any awards involving research on human subjects. Furthermore, award recipients must adhere to UBC guidelines regarding financial conflict of interest, and research conduct. Studies involving animals require UBC Animal Care Committee approval of relevant protocols.

The deadline for a Wall Solutions Letter of Intent is May 1, 2020.  Please contact the Program Manager with any questions.

Applications will be reviewed in a two-stage process.

Stage 1– May 2020: Submission of Letter of Intent (LOI) describing the proposed Wall Solutions project and potential partners involved. Download Letter of Intent application form. **The RPIF is not required with your LOI submission**

Stage 2– August 2020: Selected LOI applicants will be invited to submit a Full Application for the next stage of review. Download Full Application form- coming soon.


For more information, please contact the Program Manager, Bernadette Mah: solutions (at) pwias.ubc.ca.