The Peter Wall Institute offers a dynamic range of programs that aim to facilitate innovation: spurring research that explores compelling contemporary issues. Opportunities through the Institute are always evolving, and range from single-day events to the year-long Wall Scholars Program.


Wall Scholars

The Wall Scholars Program offers scholars from all disciplines and career stages a year-long residence at the Institute to engage in collaborative, interdisciplinary research that challenges and expands their ways of thinking. This transformational opportunity provides scholars with the space and time to freely explore, while supporting intellectual risk-taking and fostering deep and long-lasting connections between scholars who may not have met anywhere else.

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International Research Roundtables

The International Research Roundtables Program provides an opportunity forUBC faculty to host two to three day workshops that explore unique themes, create the foundation for innovative scholarship, and seek important advances in science and society. Roundtables convene scholars, students, community leaders, artists and policy makers from around the world to promote research excellence and catalyze collaboration.

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