Reflections of Canada

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Author's panel from Reflections of Canada book launch.
Author's panel at the June 23rd launch of "Reflections of Canada." Left to right: Dawn Morrison, Diane Srivastava, Anthony Shelton and Max Cameron.
Book cover photo: 'Smoke and Mirrors' by Nicholas Taffs.

This year marks 150 years since Canadian Confederation. It is a complex anniversary. Indigenous people have been on the land that is now Canada long before 1867 and Confederation ushered in a damaging history of attempts at cultural and political assimilation. This must be a time of looking both backwards and forwards—to consider critically challenges and opportunities as we grapple with our history and engage with the world of the twenty-first century.

To mark the sesquicentennial the Peter Wall Institute published a collection of essays titled Reflections of Canada: Illuminating Our Opportunities and Challenges at 150+ Years that brings together Canada’s leading writers, researchers, and public intellectuals to offer informed and pointed commentary on what Canada is and what it must become. Accessible, literate, and compelling, the 41 essays in this collection cast light on a range of key issues: Reconciliation; democracy, arts and cultures, poverty, climate change and resource use, immigration, the technological revolution, multiculturalism. Reflections of Canada reaffirms the space for respectful, lively public discussion about how to effect positive change for future decades.

Order on Indigo and Amazon. Available at the UBC Bookstore and select bookstores across Canada.

Accompanying the essays are several beautiful photographs that were submitted to our Re-Imaging Canada Photo Contest. The pictures were taken by photographers across Canada from Haida Gwaii to Yellowknife to Bloor Street in Toronto. You can see the pictures in our photo gallery

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