Report on December 2018 Wall Associates meeting on future of PWIAS governance

December 4, 2018

On December 3, 2018, current and past Wall Scholars met to discuss their perspectives on the best path forward for the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (PWIAS), in the wake of Prof. Tortell’s recent resignation from his position as PWIAS director.

In attendance were thirteen Wall Scholars, two Wall Distinguished Professors, two Wall International Visiting Research Scholars, and a UBC Senator. 

At this meeting, significant concerns were expressed regarding the current state of PWIAS governance. Discussions focused on the need to structure the Institute’s governance in a way that ensures the Institute’s stability and its academic independence. It was agreed that transparency of process and ongoing consultation with the academic community should be an integral part of PWIAS governance moving forward. Wall Scholars and the UBC academic community as a whole should play a fundamental role in the Institute’s governance and in shaping its academic mission and values. The prestige and success of the Institute is predicated on the continued support and involvement of the academic community.

In the coming months, we will hold a series of scholar-led events and investigations into how PWIAS governance can be improved so as to allow the Institute to thrive. We would like to extend an invitation to all UBC faculty members to take an active role in these conversations. 


Meeting conveners,

Prof. Kalina Christoff, Wall Scholar
Prof. Evan Thompson, Wall Scholar


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