Report on January 2019 Wall Associates meeting on future of PWIAS governance

January 7, 2019

On January 4, 2019, scholars from the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (PWIAS) academic community met to resume discussions regarding the future of the Institute. 

In attendance were 15 Wall Scholars, two Wall Distinguished Professors, and five former Distinguished Scholars in Residence including the current Vice-President of the UBC Faculty Association.

The Scholars acknowledged that PWIAS has played a unique and valuable role in academic life at UBC. The Institute has created a place where Scholars have gathered in unique and transformative ways, to engage in interdisciplinary intellectual exploration and pursue innovative ideas that have enriched and broadened the individual Scholars’ work and have contributed significantly to making UBC a top research institution.

Discussions focused on how the role of the Institute can be preserved and further strengthened. The following action items were discussed and agreed upon by Scholars: 1) Begin a conversation with the PWIAS Board of Trustees and communicate the Scholars’ perspective on the importance of ensuring decision making processes concerning the Institute occur in accordance with the values of academic freedom and integrity; 2) Form sub-committees of Wall Scholars on specific issues of concern to Scholars; 3) Ensure active involvement of Scholars in the forthcoming Senate-mandated external review of the Institute’s structure and governance; 4) Hold regular monthly Scholars meetings moving forward, with the next one held in February, 2019.


Meeting convener,

Prof. Kalina Christoff, Wall Scholar


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