Satellites and space debris are polluting our orbit. More than the stars are at stake

February 8, 2020

Aaron Boley and Michael Byers co-authored an op-ed on the importance of sustainable solutions for space debris. Governments have been sending satellites into orbit for the past 60 years but have not made an effort to clean up the resulting waste. Now, private ventures, like SpaceX, threaten to make the issue of space debris exponentially worse.  

As a 2016 Wall Scholar, Boley received PWIAS funding to hold a small symposium to analyze space resource extraction from a joint legal and scientific perspective. Thereafter, The Outer Space Institute was co-founded by Aaron Boley, Michael Byers and David Kendall.

Boley and Byers are currently organizing a 2020 International Research Roundtable titled Sustainable Development of Space to address new and acute challenges concerning the governance of outer space, including orbital debris, the weaponization of space, and space mining. As part of the Roundtable, the public is invited to attend a March 11th forum on Space Mining: Promises and Consequences.