Transdisciplinarity: Universities Have a Chance to Lead

November 25, 2022

In a new article published at the University World News, 2022 Wall Scholar Derek Gladwin and his co-authors argue that transdisciplinary approaches in higher education can help address catastrophic climate impacts, species extinction and future pandemics.

The article references the findings of their case study examining collaborative transdisciplinary graduate programs at the UBC. The study showed that initial exposure to a broad swath of research areas and approaches allowed students to cultivate certain values, attitudes and beliefs that are essential for collaborative transdisciplinary research. These included intellectual curiosity, openness to learning about different disciplines and tolerance towards different perspectives and approaches.

Creating a new generation of complex systems thinkers who can contend with global challenges involves equipping students with transdisciplinary competencies and expertise. Whether this occurs in undergraduate or graduate education, universities have an opportunity to be leaders in this area.

Read the article in full at University World News.