Transdisciplinary Collaborative PhD Pilot for Climate Emergency

September 27, 2022

2022 Wall Scholar Derek Gladwin (Language & Literacy Education, UBC) and Naoko Ellis (Chemical and Biological Engineering, UBC) are faculty members of the Transdisciplinary Collaborative PhD Pilot for Climate Emergency that received funding from the Climate Emergency Fund. The pilot is a new and innovative graduate research program that tackles the climate emergency with a collaborative and diverse cohort.

Gladwin and Ellis were recently interviewed by the UBC Climate Emergency Response team to discuss their climate story, why they advocate for transdisciplinary teaching and research, and their hopes for the future of climate research.

You can read the Q&A here.

One of the great things about transdisciplinary work is whereas interdisciplinary brings disciplines together, transdisciplinary work creates new knowledge from those disciplines. This foundation is a first step towards more climate conscious thinkers by considering how we do relational, collaborative work. Having partnerships that are applied and not just conceptual builds upon transdisciplinary work, as it develops multiple levels of partnerships, stakeholders, and academics, both inside and beyond the university.

Derek Gladwin