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November 11, 2018, was the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, a time of remembering and memorial, of linking past events to the world we live in today. Taking this particular moment as a catalyst, the Memory book examines the character and relevance of memory more broadly.

Edited by Philippe Tortell , Mark Turin and Margot Young, the book offers an engaging and interdisciplinary road map for exploring how, why, and when we remember. Memory navigates a broad terrain, with essays drawn from a diverse group of contributors who capture different perspectives on the idea of memory in fields ranging from molecular genetics, astrophysics and engineering, to law, Indigenous oral histories, and the natural world. This book challenges readers to think critically about memory, offering an engaging and interdisciplinary road map for exploring how, why, and when we remember.

We asked editors Mark Turin and Margot Young, as well as collaborators Shannon Walsh, Wade Davis, Ian WilliamsKalina Christoff and Anthony Farrell, to tell us about the book and their respective essays. See what they had to say in the video posted above. 

Memory was published by the Peter Wall Institute, and is currently being distributed by UBC Press. Order a copy here. It is available for free through JSTOR via their open access book portal. Each chapter can be read online, downloaded, printed, or shared. Discover diverse perspectives on the idea of memory here.


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