Wall Scholar Shares Her COVID-19 Doodles

December 22, 2020

2019 Wall Scholar, Dr. Sima Godfrey (Dept of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies, UBC) penchant for doodling has really taken off during COVID-19. As the number of Zoom meetings and webinars steadily increased in 2020, Dr. Godfrey fell back on her old habit of doodling with her fountain pen to “express the frustrations of life under COVID.”

She’s shared her cartoons on Facebook and Instagram where her wry wit and fluid doodles have found an appreciative audience — including journalist Pamela Fayerman who interviewed Dr. Godfrey about her “Zoodles” (Zoom + doodles) on her Medical Matters website. 

Visit Medical Matters to read the interview and enjoy more of Dr. Godfrey’s funny and relatable doodles.