Wildfires Fuel a Discouraging Trend for More B.C. Flooding

May 7, 2018


What do wildfires have to do with spring flooding? UBC’s Lori Daniels was featured this weekend in an article looking at how wildfires can lead to more flooding as British Columbia’s (BC) fire seasons get progressively worse. The article can be found here.


Following the worst wildfire season in BC’s history in 2017, Lori Daniels of the Faculty of Forestry was awarded a Wall Solutions Initiative Award to assist the B.C. government’s $78 million Strategic Wildfire Prevention Initiative. Lori’s project seeks to identify mechanisms to increase community participation in the planning process. The project is an active collaboration with the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM), the First Nations Emergency Service Society (FNESS), and the BC Community Forest Association.