Wildfires ravage California as climate apocalypse looms

October 30, 2017

The smell of sulfur and burned metal hung in the air last week as ash rained down on search crews and cadaver dogs. So far 13 people have been identified out of the 42 confirmed dead — resulting in the deadliest week for California wildfires in history.

One Sonoma County couple tried hopelessly, against the apocalyptic backdrop of a reddish-purple sun and orange skyline, to hose down the raging fire that would soon engulf 5,700 buildings across California, including their lifelong home.

“This is the new normal,” said Michael Brauer, a public health professor at the University of British Columbia, in reference to the increasing levels of wildfire induced by the fatal air quality. “It’s not a happy story, but we just need to learn how to respond to it.”